Evo weather updating to different country

by  |  11-Apr-2016 22:06

There's also a 2x3 widget that can be expanded to fill an entire page, showing content in a scrolling, feed-style list.We'll have more in-depth analysis on the improved News & Weather app and widgets soon.

Update: We wanted to get the downloads out to you as soon as possible, but after using the app for a while, I have to say that Google has improved it in just about every possible way.

As a daily user of the "Genie" widget for more than four years, I've come to love its simplicity and flexibility.

HTC Home displays weather forecast for the next week along with a beautiful digital clock.

It is must be noted here that the application is in alpha phase, so you may run on some bugs and interface-specific glitches.

The app that opens with the widget has been redesigned from the ground up.

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