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We can do 95% of the moderation through software, but we also have three full-time staff to do moderation as community editors that respond to user-generated flags.

Was there something that wasn’t working well with the old site? Skrenta: Prior to the forum launch, the major problem with the site was we weren’t getting user involvement.

When local news aggregator Topix decided to set up online forums last December for every city and small town in America, they figured the forums would be a loss leader.

While the site has tried to downplay the advertising on its forum pages, it’s still easy to get turned off by the personal attacks, random comments and various other ills of mostly unmoderated discussions on the site.

It does help that there’s a special geo-location technology that automatically shows where the person is commenting from, but the oversight of only three human moderators for the whole site lowers the quality of many discussions.

The following is an edited transcript of our discussion.

What was your thinking in relaunching the site in April?

What happens is people come and don’t want to participate because it’s turned ugly.

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