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Though Touch Wiz flies with the S7 Edge’s horsepower, I keep hoping Samsung will give it a much-needed redesign that’ll make it look lighter and more modern. I'll always enjoy stock Android more, like on Google's Nexus devices, but there’s no beating around the fact that Touch Wiz is familiar for millions of existing Samsung users.

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For now, it helps a little that Samsung's put the UI on a diet in places like the Settings app and the Quick Settings menu.

There's also more reason for power users to consider the S7 Edge over the S7.

Even better: Samsung's flattened the camera "hump" on the back; it still isn't flush with the body, but now the phone doesn't wobble as much on a flat surface.

Sticking with the same design also means fingerprints stick to the S7 Edge's glossy front and back. Carrying a microfiber cloth is a must if you want to keep the S7 Edge as clean as possible.

Samsung's included a generous 3,600 milliamp-hour (m Ah) battery that lasts an entire day -- sometimes a day and half if you have your phone settings optimized just right.

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