Dating a sissy - Updating performance appriasals

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This annual Performance Appraisal will be used to: Continuous feedback on, and improvement of, job performance are essential parts of the performance management process. Each organization will follow either a calendar or academic/fiscal year cycle and determine their internal timelines based on HR guidelines (General Instructions and Guiding Principles). Numerical ratings should be supported by manager’s comments. Managers must meet with each employee to review and discuss their performance; the written appraisal can be given to the employee before, during, or after this meeting.This policy establishes the framework for the annual written appraisal of the performance of each staff member against established expectations and in accordance with the mission and goals of each staff member's division or college. The appropriate timeline should be shared with staff prior to the start of the evaluation process. Each division and/or unit may create its own format for evaluating its staff. Appraisal format must follow guidelines provided by HR (Staff Appraisal Forms). All appraisals must include the official Staff Performance Appraisal signature page found on the HR website. All employees are encouraged to submit a self-appraisal. The document is expected to include a summary of contributions, assessment of progress towards established goals, and areas of improvement and/or development. The self-appraisal document must be considered by the manager when completing the formal appraisal. Submitted self-appraisals must be attached to the Performance Appraisal that is sent to the second-level supervisor and Human Resources. Exceptions to preparation of a self-appraisal may be made with agreement among the employee, manager and the second level supervisor. All staff will be appraised on a scale of 1-5 (whole numbers only). Upon receipt of the written appraisal, the employee will be allowed at least two business days to review it before responding to or signing the appraisal. The employee will have the opportunity to include a response to the appraisal that will become part of the official documentation. Employees who believe that this policy has been unfairly or improperly implemented can bring the situation to the attention of the second level supervisor and/or HR. All staff employees of RIT are expected to receive an annual written Performance Appraisal.

The cycle for probationary classified staff employee will be from the date of hire through the end of the six month probation period.

A new form should then be created for the remainder of the appraisal year.

Second level supervisors should ensure that the managers they supervise are trained appropriately in RIT’s performance management policies and processes. Reports After all colleges/divisions have completed the performance appraisal process and cycle, Human Resources will provide an annual report to University Council that includes statistics regarding Staff Performance Appraisals from the respective performance year.

Register for performance appraisal training sessions For annual appraisals, the appraisal cycle will be from July 1-June 30.

UC San Diego career employees should receive a written performance appraisal annually.

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