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Personally, my sympathies lie with a Genesis interpretation that is historical, literal, and with 24-hour days in the recent past.

Though I was a member of a hiking group, they also sponsored a group going down the Colorado River in rafts and a group touring the whole area by bus. Each day we received mini-lectures from the leaders as we broke for lunch or at points of interest along the trail.

Topics included the sudden appearance of fossils, the complexity of the earliest canyon fossils such as the trilobites, the age of the earth's magnetic fields, the role of continental drift in the onset of the flood, where does the ice age fit into a young-earth model, water- canopy theories, carbon-14 dating, and the dating of the Grand Canyon basalts (rock layers derived from ancient lava flows).

The earth has many layers of sediments thousands of feet thick.

How could one year-long catastrophe account for all this sediment? The Grand Canyon is almost three hundred miles long, a mile deep, and four to twelve miles across.

Other old-earth creationists simply suggest that what is communicated in Genesis 1 is a literary form of the ancient Near East describing a perfect creation.

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