Pua speed dating routines

by  |  20-Oct-2014 19:22

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that this girl probably feels a little insignificant in certain aspects of her life.

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A warning thought, these questions need to be asked in precisely this order in terms of the objects. The following interpretations are mere examples of how you can demystify this woman through what she says.

You can take each detail she gives and know what she is relating it to.

If the horse is envisioned close to the flowers, you know what that means; this girl wants a man who wants children in their life also. If there are merely a few clouds and they are far away, then this means she is in a happy moment and cant see anything imposing too heavily too soon.

The closer and darker and more ferocious the storm, the more turmoil she is dealing with or has dealt with.

You knowing how the cube works, however will be able to stay aware of the image you are portraying.

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