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Nevertheless, the PF-22 served as a kind of test-bed and prototype for the design that eventually became the GP, or at least it seems that way retroactively.The two guitars are actually quite similar, and one only has to put the pair of them next to each other to realize where the GP shape evolved from. Cross a Les Paul with the PF-22, and you've got the GP. (PF-22 pic taken from Baron Audio) So what did actually happen?

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I have even seen one GP offered for $10,000 on e Bay in late 2003.

Not that it sold at that insane price, but apparently the craze was bad enough to make someone hope to get that much. I've been into these guitars long before Homme entered the picture, and I'll still be into them long after he decides to play some other model and the copycats move on.

Ovation solidbodies never seem to get any respect, and this one got even less than most other Ovation electrics until very, very recently.

The current demand for this model only underscores the irony and makes it the exception that proves the rule. For over 20 years, I have seen nothing but ignorance and apathy towards the GP, and now all of a sudden everybody wants one.

Part of the reason was horrible timing, each and every time.

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