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Either way, Booker’s a change from the established politicians who dodge questions about their sexuality — just as Franco’s willingness to joke about sexuality distinguishes him from the actors who sue over gay rumors.About 50 of Cory Booker’s family members and friends descended on D. to watch the former Newark mayor and Twitter rock star be sworn in Thursday by Joe Biden as New Jersey’s junior senator.

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Guests included Booker’s mother, Carolyn, and brothers, Cary and John Taylor, his rep confirms.

Our colleague Ed O’Keefe reports that Booker’s close friend Gayle King was also in attendance; she arrived after her co-anchor duties on “CBS This Morning” in New York.

Chris Christie, the issue is now being argued in court).

The upside for Booker, already a popular politician, to speak out against homophobia is high on a statewide level, just as Franco’s able to cultivate his fan base by asking America to confront what a gay person looks like.“Ten years ago, you might see people, really progressive people, saying, ‘I’m not gay, but there’s nothing wrong with it,'” said Bronski.

Half of his accomplishments on this front almost read like satire: he’ll save you from a burning building, he’ll live on food stamps or go on a hunger strike, he’ll even shovel you out of your house if you’re snowed in.

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