Paul walker dating bliss

by  |  30-Aug-2015 12:52

The chief cohort of this transitional scheme is current production chairman, Donna Langley.

This is the fact that Walker, as well as Rodas, is alive and well and that this entire event was a fake, a mere charade.

To announce his death, whether real or fake, would have a major impact throughout the world.

Thus, the various Zionist-controlled or supporting Hollywood and other outlets came to the rescue, publishing all manner of fabrications to drive the hoax home.

Screen shots from various Internet journals clearly demonstrate this. Yet, it would appear, death is a major issue, especially when it takes people well before their potential lifespan. What is a publicist, that is in terms of a role player in death announcements? Died, dead, killed, burnt beyond recognition: what purpose would there be in such announcements except to create shock and grief?

One of such entities, New Regency studio, confirmed the fake event.

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