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There was a lot of alcohol involved, but it was staying up late to was exciting.

Yes, the Nicholas Sparks movie — starring Mandy Moore and Shane West — was the original cancer-stricken love story, and it’ll still make you cry your eyes out even 12 years after it was released.

West: It's totally different from acting, and much more exciting.

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Whos dating shane west

We’ll let West elaborate: “It just can’t happen unless they want Michael to be a bad guy. Nikita, fall in love with her, have a relationship, have things fall apart because of Michael’s past and his revenge motif and then date another student — who reminds him of Nikita! There’s definitely chemistry between Alex and Michael, but West believes it runs deeper than romance.

Does that mean he’s dated more than them, that are also students, that remind him of Nikita?! “Michael cares about his students, period,” he tells us. They’re bringing in a love interest for her [Thad Luckinbill], which parallels Nikita’s past, and Michael gets very protective of Alex because he knows what’s happened with Nikita and Daniel.” So he loves her…but he doesn’t her. “If there was no Nikita and Michael, which is kind of the point of the story, then maybe something could happen with Michael and Alex,” West add, “but I feel if Michael were to have something with Alex, it honestly cheapens Michael as a human being.” And no one wants that because we love our Michael just the way he is.

In a concert, you know if you're good or bad right away — you're not seeing your performance later and thinking, "Oh, great. [That's why] actors date each other — but most of us are mental, so that shouldn't be happening at all.

That sucked, and for an entire year I thought it was pretty good." TV Guide Magazine: Any wild stories about touring? The understanding is great, the emotional attachment is amazing...

A., and Shane West is casually dangling from an indoor rock wall nearly 20 feet up in the air.

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