Want to chat with sexy lady about sex - Camsex with oder persons

by  |  24-Nov-2016 15:21

In the rigid sense of the word, it is not cheating, but I doubt any man would see it that way..

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hopefully we would join in and experience it together. If we're exclusive, we need to be getting our sexual needs met by each other.

So tell her to be upfront about her feeling and thoughts and to take it from there, she could always ask to watch while he did it, just to see if she then thought it was wrong, or to tell him she wants to do the same thing, and see his reaction. I don't know that it's "cheating", but it's something that would cause me great concern and would interfere with our relationship and certainly our intimacy.

He is still involved in a sexually gratifying act with someone other than his SO(not a porn, which can become a problem, not a magazine to stimulate,) but seeking another living,breathing person...counts....me. I admit it, but something like that would be a deal breaker if we were exclusively involved.

CHEATING is CHEATINGAs long as the partner is aware of the situation it is not cheating, it is when one persons Sneaks around on the sly that this sort of thing becomes a problem.

Anything of a sexual nature being done with someone other than your partner is cheating in my opinion unless your partner knows about it and is ok with it. A kind of extreme flirtation with no exchange of bodily fluids.

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