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has crunched loads of data provided by Ok Cupid and in order to identify the attributes of the world’s most successful online daters.

Some of its conclusions are universal: Daters tend to like hot people who do hot-people things, like practicing yoga, surfing, and talking about London.

In 2011, Ok Cupid noted that some women rank as a solid seven on the site’s attractiveness scale, while other women rank as a collection of 10s and ones that averages out to about a seven.

The site found that women who produce divergent opinions among male users (some guys think she’s really hot, while others thinks she is very much not) attract more messages than the women who are deemed fairly good-looking by basically everyone (yeah, she’s pretty hot, I guess).

Similarly, while a man who talks about breakfast is perfectly inoffensive to most people, it’s likely that a man who talks about weddings and crafting produces highly negative reactions from one subset of women, but that they’re outnumbered by the group of women who So cultivating an interest in gender-nonconforming activities could make you more attractive on the aggregate, depending on what type of person you're hoping to attract.

But if you're only interested in gaming the system, it's probably better to just eat breakfast and learn to surf.

And while liking “cats” is good, ceding profile space to “my cats” is not.

Www datingtipswired com

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