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Aussies, Kiws and South Africans are the primary focus of the website but all are welcome with members of all nationalities using the site.

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Whilst not geographically accurate, the term ‘antipodean’ is used (in the UK at least) to describe inhabitants of Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and sometimes also Zimbabwe.

With so many antipodeans living in London, it makes perfect sense that a dating website exists to connect singles from the Southern hemisphere with each other.

So luckily, Antipodate has been set up for this very reason.

Internet dating is extremely popular in London – perhaps it’s because everyone has access to the world wide web, whether it be at work, at home, on their mobile or in an Internet cafe. and create a basic account which includes adding information about yourself, you should also add a photo.

Offering all mature men and women an exclusive dating service that helps them to follow their dreams and brighten their daily routine, this site is aimed at an audience of males/females aged 40 .

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