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So far in 2016, 56 human trafficking cases were reported in Iowa, with 49 of them categorized as sex trafficking, according to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center.

Among them: A Waterloo couple was arrested in late August on human trafficking charges asserting they forced two teens from Chicago to commit sex acts for money. The Human Trafficking Reporting System found that the average sex trafficking victim across the nation is female and aged 17 or younger.

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It’s family selling or trafficking their own children to pay their bills to buy the drugs, pay the rent. It’s every day stuff.” Ferjak said he understands the importance of teens talking about human trafficking.

“It’s one of the very few proactive things that can be done about trafficking,” he said.

’ I would say things like ‘Do you have youth that are consistently late to school?

Do you have youth that miss the same day of school every week and their parents aren’t taking them to a medical appointment or a counseling appointment?

“We want to send the message to students that they shouldn’t be afraid to go to law enforcement for help.” Teresa Davidson, director of Cedar Rapid’s anti-human trafficking non-profit Chains Interrupted, attended one of the sessions.

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