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by  |  18-Jan-2015 13:48

Your distribution constantly asks you to update your kernel....

updating linux kernel headers-7

Click on that, and you’ll be presented with several options.

You’ll need to grab three files and save them in their own folder (within the Downloads folder if you’d like) so that they’re isolated from all other files: You’ll notice that there are also “lowlatency” files available to download, but it’s fine to ignore this.

The problem, however, is that you usually can’t take advantage of these new kernel releases as soon as they come out — you have to wait until your distribution comes out with a new release that packs a newer kernel with it.

We’ve previously laid out the benefits for regularly updating your kernel If you're using a Linux distribution like Ubuntu or Fedora, you're also using the Linux kernel, the core that actually makes your distribution a Linux distribution.

Header files and scripts for building modules for Linux kernel are included in linux-header-YOUR-Kernel-Version package.

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