And black women dating

by  |  16-Sep-2016 10:36

Because we all know that silence often means complicity, and we out here trying to get all-the-way free.

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But at the same time, Indian-Spanish, Indian-White, Indian-Asian relationships are encouraged by them.

Honestly, if you want to be in a relationship that will go NO WHERE, then go ahead and date this indian guy.

All our scriptures and religious music is about transcending fake boundaries between man and boundaries in material world and reach for higher morality and perfection.

Of course, many have difficulty applying to personal lives (like people might watch a movie exposing casteism and untouchability and go home thinking that was so wrong but when it comes to own son/daughter's marriage they do a 180), but do not make it seem like the culture itself is backward. We espouse male-female equality and equality of man right from the Vedas, it is only in practice that people have become corrupted. I only speak to them when i need a chicken korma, samosas or naan bread - which thankfully, isn't very often!

I have dated black guys in the past but i have come to find out that indian men treat their women better than black men do.

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