Sex history kannada

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It was about a gay character by the same name and the author took on the pseudonym ‘Shanmukha S’.Shanbhag says the story was fascinating, and not because it spoke of gay love.

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Sex history kannada

Kannada news channel BTV interviewed a woman with her face partially covered, who alleged that 71-year-old Meti had demanded sexual favours in return for carrying out transfers in his department.

Later, a man appeared on Public TV, with his face covered, and claimed that the woman was his wife.

In one of the versions, the woman whose name is believed to be Vijayalakshmi, lashed out at the anchor of a TV channel for dragging her into the scandal and for accusing her of performing such an act with Meti, who is her relative.

She also says that Meti would never perform such an act.

Two years later, the real ‘Shanmukha S’ came out of the closet: he was Vasudhendra, a celebrated Kannada author and high-ranking techie who had just stepped down from the position of a vice-president at the UK-based Genisys Software the same year when Mohanaswamy was published.

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