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The cast and crew filmed the scene in Biden's ceremonial office on the White House grounds.

"He was charming and funny and a true pro — he didn't even flinch when Leslie slightly leaned in for a kiss," Amy Poehler says.

When Poehler was going through her divorce to actor Will Arnett and was sad about coming back to LA, Aubrey Plaza surprised her by showing up at the airport dressed as an alien. When Adam Scott eventually landed the role of Leslie Knope's love interest, Ben Wyatt, he arrived on set just as Amy Poehler was pregnant with her second child.

When Nick Offerman arrived for his audition, reading lines opposite Rashida Jones, he knew he was screwed. Me and Adam Scott up for the guy who gets to kiss Rashida,'" Offerman jokes. "Ninety-nine percent of the time these scenes were longer and less funny than what was written," Amy Poehler says. It kept the crew laughing and on their toes." "I think it's because he was eating a turkey sandwich once? "Either way they think he is hilarious." The cast also calls Rob Lowe "Ro Lo." Season 5 kicked off with Leslie Knope meeting her ultimate crush, Vice President Joe Biden.

Even I — even my mom — would cast him over me.'" After the last take, the actors tried out all the brilliant lines they had been thinking about for the whole scene.

I don’t know if this is cool to talk about, but are there any other movies that you really wish you’d got? J.: There were things I wanted so bad, and I’m so happy I didn’t get them when I saw the outcome.

J.: No, but I will say I did a workshop in New York like six or seven years ago with Sofia Coppola for , and I played that part for a month. And I would have loved that part; I mean, Scarlett Johansson did such a good job.

A.: You’ve been in show business for a while, and you’ve had a couple of notable Hollywood romances.

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