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The question on everyone's lips right now is what his plan is and how this will impact on We Chat in particular, and on Tencent in general.

It is fairly obvious that Whats App has rearranged its functions to get it closer to We Chat, whereas We Chat got it right from the beginning.

This is the true genius of We Chat — no ads and no nonsense, only real value to improve the quality of my life.

A month ago, Bloom-berg proclaimed the chairperson of Tencent Holding Ltd, Ma Huateng, to be China's richest man, with a wealth of $13-billion based on Tencent's Hong Kong-listed shares, of which he owns 10%.

His family name Ma means horse, so the internet entrepreneur likes to use his English name, Pony, but there was nothing small about being the first Chinese internet company to list on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Just as QQ IM remains core in the communications fabric of Chinese society, We Chat is now becoming part of Asia's communications and social media fabric and is spreading to the rest of the world.

No doubt a little nervous, Zucker­berg enters the fray with his astounding offer to purchase Whats App in a $19-billion deal.

There can be absolutely no doubt as to who the main loser is: Sina Weibo.

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