Dating japanese sword

by  |  10-Jan-2015 21:17

This medium sword is usually partnered to a katana.

If you’re certain that you have a valuable sword, don’t think twice about sending it for appraisal.

Another option is to inspect the sword yourself to assess if it’s worth something or not.

Samurai swords were more than just implements of killing, they are also considered symbol of rank and prestige. Engravings on any part of a samurai sword suggest used by a prominent individual and can increase its price by, at least, 5%.

The more elaborate the engravings are, the more expensive the sword becomes. A complete set of samurai sword is highly priced by sword collectors and is always in-demand. You should now have a well-founded opinion of the value of your old samurai sword.

Slight rusting, shallow dents and scratches anywhere on the blade except the sharp edge will not decrease its price. Any dents, cracks and chips on the sharp edge of the blade will devalue the sword.

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