No cc talk and hookup

by  |  09-Nov-2016 13:49

Hell, use four if you've got a fat stacks of cash! Rock n roll :-) A lot searching and chatting on the site before you find a date. I've joined several adult dating sites over the past years and I've found this one as one of the best among AFF (many members) and Casual Dating4 (many female users).I really have to laugh at some of the reviews that you find on sites like this.She was super cool, we'd been sending messages to each other thru the site for like 3 weeks or something and then it all just came together one night when we were both bored as f*ck and in need of some fun in our lives.

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No, I did not get laid yet, but I guess it is just a matter of time.

So far so good but ive been a bit disapointed in some ways.

I mean its a nice site and everything, simple to use and all that stuff but I want more than a nice looking site with supposedly lots of profiles, as the site isnt the end of the journey its the bridge thats meant to get me to where I want to be (and thats up to the knees in hot hotty)!

A few people have told me it can take a while so im trying to be patient but I am wondering if ive been sold a pup.

But if you arent clear that this isnt sex on tap before you sign up to one of these sites, then dont bother as youll be throwing your money away.

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