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Eco writes: Pornographic movies are full of people who climb into cars and drive for miles and miles, couples who waste incredible amounts of time signing in at hotel desks, gentlemen who spend many minutes in elevators before reaching their rooms, girls who sip various drinks and who fiddle interminably with laces and blouses before confessing to each other that they prefer Sappho to Don Juan.To put it simply, crudely, in porn movies, before you can see a healthy screw you have to put up with a documentary that could be sponsored by the Traffic Bureau. A movie in which Gilbert did nothing but rape Gilbertina, front, back, and sideways, would be intolerable.Later, the group's cofounder, Tommy, propositions a random Canadian woman.

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It seems that the non-profit world has exploded lately, with so many brands offering a charity component, too. That's the tagline for the Berlin-based "erotic, non-profit ecological organization" F**k for Forest as it's described on their Website, which sells porn to raise money to help save rain forests.

Here's one you probably haven't heard of: Eco-porn, or porn made and sold to make money for environmental causes. The money is currently distributed to small grassroots projects working locally with ecology in Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rica, Brazil and Slovakia.

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