Dating an exboyfriend

by  |  24-Jun-2014 06:53

No matter who's guilty, working on eliminating those types of behaviors in your future relationship will give it the best chance of success.Once you begin seeing your ex again, any relationship you develop will be fragile.

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A good way to look at it is that you and your ex are standing together as a team, looking down on your old relationship together.

Don't dissect every single little issue, only the major ones.

Once you agree on what needs to be done, the two of you can begin building a future on a brand new foundation... No matter what happened in your previous relationship, the most important thing to the both of you should be your future together.

because you just tore down the ruined shell of your old one. This means you're giving your ex a clean slate, and he's doing the same for you.

By treating it gently, you're giving it the time to grow strong.

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