Dating genital wart

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For those who are facing stubborn warts, you might want to read this entirely. Three years ago I had two warts: one between my toes, and one on my right index finger, just on the right side of the nail. To get rid of it, I tried the over-the-counter salicylic acid. I had to put band aids on five of my fingers everytime I went out, because I would feel embarrassed if people saw the warts. In Fall 2007, I decided that I would fight the warts with full force. My digestion, he said, was very poor and my blood circulation was also quite bad. I wouldn't recommend it unless your condition was so bad like mine.

It didn't work and in fact made the condition worse. Because of the treatment, the warts became even more aggressive, spreading to my other fingers, under several nail beds, and even to my left thumb. Some were huge, probably about more than half-inch wide. So I started going to another clinic to get the warts frozen again and again. I had to come back every other week to get the treatment. So he gave me the usual acupuncture treatments on acupuncture points in order to improve my blood circulation. The Chinese doctor finally started pricking acupuncture needles on my fingers surrounding the warts.

How the heck they get away with selling the other stuff (Salicytic Acid) as a remedy is beyond me.

I would tell anyone that wants to get rid of a wart to spend five bucks, get a bottle of acv, some bandaides and cotton balls, give it a few nights, and save yourself tons of time, money and disappointment. I just thought I'd add this testimonial to the others I read.

Dan ______________________ Tuesday, December 30, 2008 AM Country_of_Remedy: Canada Ingredients: Nail polish remover Instructions: Soak the wart thoroughly with the nail polish, avoid washing the area for a while.

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