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We decided to try for drinks instead; Jack got sick. After a failed eight-month relationship, part of me didn’t have it in me to start again. Suit had liked his life the way it was: powerful career, nice meals, expensive wine, late snuggly Sunday mornings — all while my son was safe at his grandparents’ house. to Jack jumping on my bed and waffle picnics on the carpet. I dig relationships (and their attendant perks), but I have no problem being a single mom.

When dating with kids it’s so important to be with someone who really understands your role as a parent and appreciates the fact that your child or children will often come first.

So whether the babysitter is late, or your child is sick and you have to cancel a date, you’ll be sure that your partner is empathetic to your status as a parent.

“People are supposed to cuddle at diners,” he said.

I sat quietly, watching the boys with their hands pressed against the glass of the candy display case.

I smiled, thinking of Jack on my lap at my desk — and how we write stories about ice cream–eating dinosaurs that play football for the Giants.

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