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Landlines Dial 011 - 504 - 2 - 3 digit area prefix remainder of telephone number.

1, 2 & 10 centavos coins were added in 1935, 1939 & 1932 respectively.

The silver 1 lempira coins ceased production in 1937, with the other silver coins (20 & 50 centavos) replaced by cupro-nickel in 1967.

The Honduran L2 Banknote depicts on the front Marco Aurelio Soto who was President of Honduras from 27 August 1876 until 19 October 1883. He was a reforming President and had a great impact on the Honduras of his time, including the establishment of the Biblioteca Nacional de Honduras in 1880.

The Honduran L5 Banknote depicts on the front Francisco Morazán who was born in Honduras and was the first Central American president and united Central America in different periods of time from 1827 to 1842 during turbulent times after its Independence from Spain.

Dial 011 - 504 - prefix - local number Follow the dialling format shown above while calling Honduras from Canada.

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