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Meanwhile, another “date’s” secret desire to be a stand-up comic, something I’ve been, made me want to help him reach his dream. if Hell was like the Hell on South Park, but I digress.) At the start of the evening, I shared my approach with another women. “Oh no,” she protested “That’s not me.” For those on the cautious side, I recommend the best question was asked all night: “I’ve noticed in a lot of my discussions tonight that people are very busy. ” It acknowledges work but then redirects to other interests without seeming too kooky. When you first meet someone – whether at speed dating, online or on the street – the main thing you want to know is how will this person make me feel?The few people I eventually selected at the second Dateswitch event all made me feel like they might be fun to hang out with.And, unless you are an escort or a porn star, sex and the professional zone rarely mix.

), the others’ responses made me want to get know them more.

For example, one man’s confession that he wanted to help people die with dignity led to an inspiring discussion of how other’s regrets had motivated him to live a richer life and made me see him in a much more intriguing light.

Because of this time limit, your first impression is all you have to hit or miss a chance with someone.

The way you dress and the questions you ask (as well as how you answer their questions) are the most important things to consider before taking a dive into the pond.

” It’s the seventh time I’ve been asked this question in less than an hour.

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