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Hardly the most probing or edifying of rock docs, this A24-backed, one-night-only theatrical release is nonetheless a riotously enjoyable, appropriately deafening flashback to one of the last moments in music history when a bunch of knuckleheads with guitars could conquer the world on chutzpah alone.Unabashedly self-aggrandizing — the film begins and ends with footage of Oasis’ career-defining Knebworth concerts of 1996, making no mention of the fact that the group continued touring and releasing increasingly marginal new music for a decade afterward — “Supersonic” is executive produced by Asif Kapadia, and director Whitecross does his best to mimic the style his producer developed with “Senna” and “Amy.” Band members, road managers, record execs, and the Gallagher brothers’ mother are all heard but not seen in present-day interviews, while collages of home movies, performance footage, and rehearsal shenanigans play onscreen.

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Meanwhile, Noel offers some backhanded admiration for Liam’s fashion sense: “There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t wish I could rock a parka like that man.” However, the film takes a turn for the serious when the Gallaghers speak of their father, who was physically abusive.

Long absent from his children’s lives, he reappeared at the height of their fame to flog stories to the tabloids, and one incident at a Dublin pub offers a revealing glimpse of the brothers beyond all the bluster.

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Producers: James Gay-Rees, Simon Halfon, Fiona Neilson.

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