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In the late 1980s, Ayatollah Khomeini issued fatwas making birth control widely available in the country.

Since then, Iran has experienced a large drop in fertility, so now the government is reversing course. Last year, Iran announced that this rate has fallen by six percent to 712,000 marriages.

Parliament responded by taking steps to reverse family planning laws by banning voluntary sterilization and restricting access to contraceptives.

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It’s online dating as you’ve never seen it before – no profile photos, matches are chosen for you, and parents must also go on the first date, but is Iran’s government-controlled dating service fighting a losing battle against Western desires?

Besides, some youths have less appetite for marriage than before.

They do not believe in tying the knot, and find it more convenient to stay in long-term dating relationships.

In Iran, where religious officials encourage early marriage, and long-term dating relationships frustrate clerics and officials, matchmaking is not personal – it's a matter of state.

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