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Denmark has some unique natural conditions for preservation of artifacts, providing a rich and diverse archeological record from which to understand the prehistoric cultures of this area.

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Dating in dk site 100 2800

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Early pre-historic cultures uncovered in modern Denmark include the Maglemosian Culture (9,500-6,000 BCE); the Kongemose culture (6,000-5,200 BCE); the Ertebølle culture (5,300-3,950 BCE); and the Funnelbeaker culture (4,100-2,800 BCE).

The famous Trundholm sun chariot (called Solvognen in Danish), a sculpture of the sun pulled by a mare.

The first human settlers to inhabit Denmark and Scandinavia permanently was the Maglemosian people, residing in seasonal camps and hunting both the land, sea, rivers and lakes.

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