Sexy aunti

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All in all she had a body that a 25-year-old would be proud of, and she knew it.

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Picking them up out of the hamper, I could feel my young dick getting harder.

Once in my hand and out of the hamper, I could see some traces of pee stains, seeing these drove me wild.

All I could do was smile at her and think of the fun I had just experienced. As she was walking out of the door she dropped her keys and as she bent down to pick them up, I noticed her beautiful ass in the confines of her tight denim shorts.

As I had finished reliving this childhood memory I was pulling into the driveway. When she had gone and was out of view, I thought it was about time that I took a tour of the house just to get used to where everything was.

As I inhaled the smell of my Aunts pee stained panties that had rubbed her pussy many times, made me harder. Well, I had nothing planned this weekend so I thought I'd spend it here with you." "Don't just stand there then, come on in." I followed her into the house, put my bags down in the hallway, and we went into the kitchen.

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