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See the example below (field shading is turned to to make it easy to identify fields): Among the features are also special tools for detecting and handling cross-reference errors: The add-in includes a command that checks the document for errors – such as the cross-reference errors described on this page – and provides tools for repairing any errors found.In addition, the add-in includes functionality that can prevent certain types of errors.In the first example, the numbered paragraphs are in the second column.

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Top of page Read below if you want to manually find and fix the cross-reference problems instead of letting the Doc Tools Cross Reference Manager add-in help you: A cross-reference is a field, i.e.

set of codes that instructs Microsoft Word to automatically insert material into a document.

Situation: You insert a cross-reference to a numbered item in a table. If all rules above apply, Word creates a wrong bookmark for the cross-reference as explained and illustrated below.

Instead of showing the number you selected, the cross-reference shows 0 or a wrong number after updating fields. In both illustrations, the cross-references that show 0 and A refer to the yellow 1. Notice that the rules apply to the two examples illustrated above.

Setting field shading to Always also makes it much easier to find cross-reference problems, if any.

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