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Most are white, though there are also blacks, Latinos, and other racial and ethnic groups.

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“It’s always portrayed as something college students do.

And it’s almost always seen in a negative light, as something that harms women.” It was not the first time Vrangalova had wanted to broaden a limited conversation.

Even the largest national study of sexual attitudes in the United States, which surveyed a nationally representative sample of close to six thousand men and women between the ages of fourteen and ninety-four, neglected to ask respondents how many of the encounters they engaged in could be deemed “casual.” From its beginnings, sex research has been limited by a social stigma.

The field’s pioneer, Alfred Kinsey, spent decades interviewing people about their sexual behaviors.

In the fifties, William Masters and Virginia Johnson went further, inquiring openly into sexual habits and even observing people in the midst of sexual acts.

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