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We embarked on board a galley of the country which was gilded like the great altar of St. "Instantly they were stripped as bare as monkeys; my mother, our maids of honour, and myself were all served in the same manner.

It is amazing with what expedition those gentry undress people.

He died in less than two hours of most terrible convulsions. My mother, in despair, and scarcely less afflicted than myself, determined to absent herself for some time from so fatal a place.

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"I need not tell you how great a hardship it was for a young princess and her mother to be made slaves and carried to Morocco.

You may easily imagine all we had to suffer on board the pirate vessel.

Thus almost all our women were drawn in quarters by four men.

My captain concealed me behind him; and with his drawn scimitar cut and slashed every one that opposed his fury.

Certainly the Princess of Palestrina and myself must have been very strong to go through all that we experienced until our arrival at Morocco.

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