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An Afghan woman immortalised on a National Geographic magazine cover is to be freed on bail days after being arrested in Pakistan for fraud, a government minister said Sunday.The haunting image of Sharbat Gula, taken in a Pakistan refugee camp by photographer Steve Mc Curry in the 1980s, became the most famous cover image in the magazine's history.His mother begs from morning until night, sometimes knocking on doors, other times parking herself in the middle of a dusty road, her hand outstretched for donations. Ramzan looks at Saima, her hair hidden beneath a sweeping shawl, her large brown eyes downcast. I said at the time, ‘She is too young,’ but everyone said I must,” he says through a series of gestures interpreted by those around him. “His sister and my father fell in love and they exchanged me,” Saima says.

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But Sabeel wouldn’t marry him until her brother had a wife to care for him. “We gave a girl in this family for a girl in their family,” Ahmed says.

“That is our right.” In deeply conservative regions such as this one in the south of Punjab province, the tribal practice of exchanging girls between families is so entrenched, it even has its own name in Urdu: Watta Satta, which means give and take.

Her arrest highlights the desperate measures many Afghans are willing to take to avoid returning to their war-torn homeland as Pakistan cracks down on undocumented foreigners.

Pakistan has for decades provided safe haven for millions of Afghans who fled their country after the Soviet invasion of 1979.

They can’t be left at home alone for fear of unwanted sexual activity — or worse, the daughter leaves home with a boy of her choice. Her husband’s new wife, Sabeel, says she agreed to marry Ahmed because of her brother. “No one had been willing to give their daughters to my brother,” she says.

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