melinda martin dating dallas - Who is nick grimshaw dating

by  |  01-Aug-2016 22:25

It was said by Nick that now they are getting closer.

Thus it looks like Nick Grimshaw girlfriend does not exist because he does not want to get one or because he is homosexual but it is hard to tell this because he does not have stated about his orientation so there are no proves about him and his personal life and if he is straight or not.

Nick Grimshaw, the new host of Radio 1’s flagship breakfast show, has spoken about his sexuality for the first time in an in-depth interview to the Guardian newspaper.

It was heard in last year that Nick had joined a reality show judging panel along with Rita Ora and then they had a romance struck up between them.

It was at the festival where both of them had this passionate and ultimate kind of VOWS and there at that time, they fall in love.

It seems that he likes his friend and states that there is nothing weird between them and their friendship, because Nick Grimshaw is a radio DJ and Harry Styles is a popstar, so Nick states that it is normal to communicate with each other in this kind of situation.

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