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Alex (his name has been changed) has long been proud of his job.The young Cameroonian with an Afro hairstyle directed a handful of movies and founded a company he called Sexe Images Nature Africaine to "create jobs and fight local prostitution -- less profitable than pornography." He also starred in two short movies and was paid 1,500 euros (,100) for both by a producer based in France.Why hasn't the African pornographic sector taken off?

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The world pornography market (adult video networks, pay-per-view movies on cable and satellite, websites, in-room hotel movies, phone sex, sex toys, magazines and DVDs) is estimated to be tens of billions of dollars, according to Dan Miller, managing editor of XBIZ Premiere, a trade publication for the adult entertainment industry.

Warning that exact numbers are difficult to acquire because the vast majority of companies in the sector are privately owned, Miller says, "America's market is by far the largest in the world in terms of scope and revenue. Based on the information we have, I would estimate the market in the U. to be in the neighborhood of $7 billion."A Small Industry in Africa By contrast, the largely Web-oriented African market is small but emerging.

"The idea of creating a local film was inspired by our members, who asked us to produce something 100 percent local and relevant to our market," says Morena, who produced the film.

"We asked for members of the website to come forward and be part of this experience, as there are no professional porn stars in South Africa."There were more than 1,000 candidates (mainly men) from all walks of life.

And yet pornographic content is increasingly available in Africa, mainly because of greater access to the Internet and to foreign channels that broadcast adult movies.

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