Mandating vaccinations

by  |  03-Apr-2015 23:09

The CDC has been caught red-handed lying, falsifying unfavorable research and omitting damaging evidence.Their lies have single-handedly given rise to the surging autism epidemic in this country. are too busy trampling our rights and passing legislation to force toxic syringes into the bodies of our children.Join concerned citizens and activists from all over the world as we gather at ground zero in Atlanta to protest the fraud, manipulation and cover-up of the most egregious medical fraud of the century (October 14th-16th).

(Read more about that here.) A vote for Hillary is a vote against children, their fertility and their futures.

Our children deserve so much more than a Hitler-inspired eugenics regimen which will be just one of the toxic legacies of a Clinton presidency.

If you are a one-issue voter, make this your issue.

Mandated vaccines are slowly becoming a reality for this nation and our children will be the collateral damage in the wake of pharmaceutical warfare.

Research the various toxic and extremely questionable vaccine ingredients.

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