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The FDA-cleared ZIO Patch is a small, adhesive, water-resistant one lead ECG sensor that the user can stick onto their chest for a continuous 24-hour monitoring over 2 weeks.

It sports hydrogel electrodes for clearer ECG tracings and a button to capture symptomatic events.

However, all of those arrhythmias were picked beyond 24 hours by the patch during the device’s extended monitoring period.


The 23 startups are now preparing for the semi-finals scheduled for the 9th of October in Harare at Area 46.

The ZOL Startup Challenge 2014 semi-finals will be an elevator pitching session which will only be open to the shortlisted startups mentors and invited guests.

They found that the ZIO Service detected 96 arrhythmia events, while the Holter monitor detected 61.

An arrhythmia event was defined to be 1 of 6 types: “supraventricular tachycardia (Physicians who reviewed data from both devices reported reaching a definitive diagnosis 90 percent of the time when using the patch results and 64 percent of the time when using Holter monitor data.

A survey of study participants found that 81 percent of them preferred wearing the patch over the Holter monitor, with 76 percent saying the Holter monitor affected their daily living activities.

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