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‘Real’ trolling, or concern trolling, is very different: the point is to adopt a persona or to present a point of view that is not your own and use it to create various forms of enjoyable instability; the game is to create frustration and displeasure with as much subtlety and as little effort as possible.

The overflowing viciousness of the anonymous abusers underlines this difference: they’re not trolls, they’re deserving victims.

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This aspect of aletheia is at the heart of any good troll.

It’s easy to imagine Zeuxis, the great Establishment artist, mocking his young challenger: are you so ashamed of your painting that you have to hide it behind this tatty curtain?

Parrhasius then invited Zeuxis to his own studio, and invited his rival to view his own effort.

Trying to draw aside the curtain concealing it, Zeuxis found that there was no curtain, that it had been painted. The difference between the two is that while Zeuxis operated on the level of representation, Parrhasius operated on that of dissimulation.

These are the commentariat, after all: many in the British press are happy to put forward sane and reasonable justifications for imperial wars and the demonisation of immigrants and sexual minorities.

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