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CLG, however, have been struggling pretty bad in their recent online leagues (losing to co L in ESEA, and probably missing out on the CEVO lan). I'd probably favour CLG since they crushed LG at the Win Out LAN though and also beat them at the last Pro League lan.

Finnaly some Lan tournament, im sick about online matches, and i telling it cause i play online and on lan, theres no comparison, at lan u got nervous easily and start to shake little bit, so if u're far behind on the score it make ur moral got low and ur team dosen't performance well, its different and hard as shit.

If you r black , you minimal score needed on the test to join the university is way lower.

Also , people who recently left universitys , actually defend the current goverment.

GOOD LUCK MY FRIENDThis logic is flawed so many differnt levels.

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