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And thus, I’m prayerful that he will fill my emptied hands with a husband.

And if not with a husband, then at least with a bean and cheese burrito. Until that time, however, I will own my loneliness, trust that it will not always be there, and continue to answer questions from strangers as graciously and honestly (and quickly) as I can.

And clouds are white and ice is cold and your wardrobe is lacking. So basically she wanted to have a serious talk but not ruin the day with a serious talk. Fantasy Suite Card Their fantasy suite card invitation arrives and with zero hesitation, Lauren says, “Let’s do us.” “Do us? Ben’s response catches all of us off guard: “I have no doubt that you’re someone who doesn’t just jump into things. Jo Jo has held Ben’s interest since stepping out of the limo wearing a unicorn head, but the hometown dates were definitely a step back for the Texas beauty. ” “You have exceeded all my expectations.” – Jo Jo They discuss the conflict Ben had with Jo Jo’s brothers but he tells Jo Jo, “I’m not going to run from that,” Nope, the running will happen in two weeks, Jo Jo. Fantasy Suite Card Jo Jo agrees to meet Ben in the Fantasy Slut, , I mean Suite.

The first date goes to Caila, who shows up in what can only be a Fabletics sports bra and jean shorts. Evening Date After the sun sets she finally told him that this, unlike any other relationship she’s had, felt right — and that she is, in fact, in love with him. For me, I’ve known I’m in love with you for a while as well.” Oh my gosh, Ben is the first Bachelor to say “I love you” before the final rose ceremony! Between her brothers’ actions during the hometown dates and the love letter she received from her ex-boyfriend Chad, Ben certainly had a lot to think about going into these overnight dates.

To which Caila says “It feels so great to see fireworks in his eyes,” apparently not realizing the fireworks are in the sky. “Lauren has a genuine joy and authenticity to her,” Ben tells the cameras.

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