Updating image linux india dating site com

by  |  17-Nov-2015 00:33

The root file system image contains just the files needed to run.

The key to making this work is to agree to use a certain kernel as a base.

The issue is that the root file system contains kernel modules, that may be inserted into the kernel at run-time. ] The non-partition space stores u-boot image, u-boot environment variables and proprietary Samsung code.

You should check the version of the image on the micro SD card used to flash the card by opening the file in the FAT partition.

It should look something like this: CLoud9 GNOME Image 20 The last 10 characters on the right are the date of the release of the image.

If you have just installed a new kernel but find that you are still booting into the old version, it may be because your distribution has attempted to update GRUB instead of EXTLINUX.

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