Real life cam mark - Zoneedit not updating

by  |  20-Jun-2016 02:17

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thanks I am getting this message in my syslog file: Nov 9 betty ddclient[32080]: WARNING: forcing update of home from to; 30 days since last update on Thu Oct 9 2008.

I don't know if "home" is the second protocol or some other term, but it is definitely not updating zoneedit.

To update the 4 domains in this example, the HOSTS line in the ini file should read as: 5.

What's up with ignoring the SSL certificate (the Ignore Cert setting in the INI file)?

Any errors or information will be logged in the Windows Event Log. You can not install this by double-click on the batch file. If you are still using Internet Explorer, scroll on down to the bottom, download and install Firefox (and actually use it). NOTE: This has been partially resolved with the release of version 1.2 3. All the domain names must be in the same Zone Edit account.

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