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Republicans saw it as key to show that Friedman had some Democratic support. Friedman has been confirmed despite my opposition, and it is my honest hope that he will moderate his views to better align with historically bipartisan US policies, demonstrate an openness to all members of the Jewish community, and serve as an ambassador worthy of our special relationship with Israel".

Mr Friedman had called one group, J Street, "worse than kapos" - a reference to Jews who helped the Nazis imprison other Jews during the Holocaust.

Candidates, Parents and Sponsors are encouraged to subscribe to the Confirmation preparation is a two-year process, with the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation taking place during the Fall of the 10th Grade year.* Please review your grade level section below and take a moment to add these dates to your family calendar, so they can be priority as you enter the school year.

To register for Confirmation, complete the 9th or 10th Grade Confirmation form on our *Candidates who missed previous sacraments or 8th grade formation may need additional prepration. The Pastor and the Director of Religious Education reserve the right to amend the Confirmation requirements as needed.

Friedman received an endorsement from former Democratic Sen.

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