Gu kan tang penang red light

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The street name is given in Malay and English, together with the town and postcode. Both The Esplanade and Fort Rd were joined with the new road built west of Duke St to form a road named after Tun Syed Sheh Barakbah, Governor of Penang (1969-1975).

In June 2007, while Penang was under the rule of Gerakan, street signs in Chinese were illegally set up by Penang's DAP Socialist Youth division along several roads in George Town under the justification it helps attract tourists from China, only to be removed by the Penang Municipal Council. Lotus-flower pond, after a lotus-pond formerly at the side of the old St George's Girl's School, which was filled up on account of many accidents involving people trying to get at the lotus.

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The oldest street signs in the centre of George Town are rectangular and made of painted metal plate (blue with white lettering), usually affixed to corner shop-houses at the top of the ground floor, and many can still be seen.

In the suburbs, rectangular cast-iron signs with indented corners (white with black lettering and edging) in English and sometimes Jawi script, fixed at head-height to a black iron pole surmounted with an onion-dome, could also be seen.

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