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by  |  14-Sep-2016 23:59

You might see pictures of your ex boyfriend or be driving, hear a song on the radio and end up crying in a ball of tears…

a general sense of sadness might make your entire body hurt when you even think of the breakup.

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So if you’re in a relationship right now, you might still miss your ex. At the moment, your ex has you on his mind way too often.

Same goes for him (especially if it’s a rebound relationship). So let’s take this baseline and think about what would happen if you add an expert’s advice on top of this.

If you really want to get him back and keep him for good, it takes more than him feeling sad that you’re not together anymore.

Now, I don’t want you to take what I am saying the wrong way.

So if you broke up with him and he did not want you to… If he cheated on you (or if you cheated on him) it means the relationship wasn’t headed in a good direction. If you are constantly texting him, telling him how much you miss him and how much you love him… There is absolutely nothing worse than persistently trying to talk to your ex right after a breakup. The negative feelings and emotions at the end of a relationship overwhelm everything else, forcing the couple to break up.

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